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12:30 PM
A word to short people: The shortest verse in the Bible became one of the strongest

 Good day all! Hope this finds you all doing well. Today is going pretty good so far as we were able to bring mom home yesterday. The shortest stay in the hospital that I could ever remember which actually brought me to today’s blog topic.

 The topic today is a word to all the short or little people in this world. Now don’t get me wrong as I have several friends and family who are tall and need positive words, but the short people and little people need a positive word as well. To all of you that are short or little please know that I truly have high regards and respect for you. I too am short; no I am not a little person, BUT I am and have been all of my life 4’11 ½ inches. I have always been teased and tormented because of this height as I always had to have help. Here is a positive thought though….even though we might be short, small, or little, it might end up that we are the strongest. How? You ask. Well, look at it like this. Where we might be little or short, we can make up for it in other areas…areas such as love, compassion, but most of all faith.  Where others make lack in these areas, we can make up for strength wise. How do I get this idea…well, look at David when he slayed the giant. He was a lot smaller than the giant but it only took one little stone and with that one little stone, the giant came tumbling down. The other way I get this idea is by one little verse in the Bible. It is the shortest verse BUT because of who it was that did it caused it to be one of the strongest and most heart wrenching verses within the whole Bible. The verse comes from the book of John Chapter eleven. It was during the time in which Lazarus had died. Martha and Mary had sent for Jesus to come heal their brother, but it was four days before Jesus got to them. By then Lazarus had been buried for these four days, but we are told that before Jesus raised Lazarus, Mary and Martha took Jesus to where Lazarus was buried and here is where we obtain the shortest verse yet the strongest verse of the Bible. It states in John Chapter eleven this:

                                  35- Jesus wept

WOW… that verse is one that each time I read it, I am humbled. You see, it is small- it’s short, BUT it is powerful and it is moving; so moving that you are humbled beyond words. TO think that the one who died on the cross for OUR sins wept because a friend had passed away. Now, I don’t know about you all but even though it’s a tiny verse it’s strong and powerful, just as small, short, or little people can be. They might not be able to do all the things that tall people can BUT they tend to make up for it in other ways. So to all my short, small, or little friends out there please keep this mind… yes, we may be tiny and small in stature, but when it comes to things such as love, compassion, and faith, we are like that shortest verse in the Bible……we are strong and powerful thus even though we are small, we can be just as strong as the tall person next to us.

Lord willing and until tomorrow-

God Bless you all (both short and tall)-



Psalms 121 <><

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