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12:52 PM
Are there angels among us....Can we have guardian angels ?

Good Day all.....I hope everyone is doing well today. As many of you know, the past few days have been a little rough as we have learned that mom has pre-cancer in her esophagus. We are getting details set up for her to see her gastroenterologist to see where we go from here. I know though that she will be ok as we have angels that are surrounding her. Speaking of angels, which is today’s topic. As I have been thinking about and praying on what I should write, God showed me that angels were the perfect topic to discuss. While you read this, I want to ask yourself this question….Are there angels among us? Can we have guardian angels?

Angels are a topic that many don’t think about or discuss. Many seem to think that angels don’t exist or aren’t real, especially that of guardian angels. The thing is however angels are real and do exist. The existence of angels are all throughout the Bible but the most famous is that of Gabriel who tells Mary of the pregnancy she will endure with the Son of God, Jesus. Yes, the proof of angels are shown especially here but many still wonder if there are angels among us….do they still roam among us here on earth. The other part of this is are they guardian angels and could they be loved ones. The answer to all this is yes. Many—including myself feel that some of them could be loved ones who have gone on before us. The book of Psalms gives a voice to the human emotions. It talks to God in form of prayers and praise as well as that of faith and trust. We see in the ninety-first Psalms that the fact of guardian angels are covered. In verse eleven we are told:

                     11-"For he will command his

                       angels concerning you in all

                      your ways.”

Therefore we see that God has set forth angels among us to guard and guide us. Whether or not He sends loved ones to fulfill this…only He knows. Some of us may believe; others may not, but no matter what God has placed His love and protection around each and every one of us. So my questions to you are this….1) Are there angels among us and 2) Can they be in the form of our loved ones? My answer or opinion goes as such….Yes there are angels among us and whether or not they can be in the forms of our loved ones….Yeah, I believe they can be. I also feel though that God can send those such as the arc angel Gabriel and Michael to help protect and deliver good news. Whatever your opinion, I respect but think about the last time you had a bad time or some good news you received or even a time in which you came close to death….check back to your memory to see who all was around and there to help you and to protect you. For many of us, if angels weren't around us, we wouldn't be here.

Remember that if you are interested in a copy of the book or would like for me to come speak to your church, school, group, or organization, you can find all the information of the front page of this website.

God Bless and Keep you all-

In Christ-


Psalms 121 and 23 <><

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