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Are we truly the chosen ones ?

Good day all! I hope this finds everyone doing well as God has once again given us a beautiful day to have another breath- even if it does look like it is going to snow. I started my day off today by going to the doctor to be checked and make sure all the medicine she had given me was working. Turned out that I have been fighting a bout of good ol’ bronchitis. She said all was sounding good and she is doing some blood work up as I have been feeling very tired recently. She feels however it is just I have been trying to fight off this bronchitis and it has kind of wore me out. Well, all I can say is thank you God! Once again He showed that when I had been prayed for as a child and was told I would never have pneumonia again….He meant it. Now this does not mean that I won’t get walking pneumonia as it is different and I have had it recently, but I feel that once I had been prayed over and the saint of a lady that prayed for me, made a prophetic word over my life, that since then God has and truly is working in my life. I felt very special…as if I was maybe “a chosen one”. The question though is this….can that truly be the case….can we truly be the chosen one of the Almighty God? Where many would argue that the answer would be no….I can say honestly that yes we can be His chosen ones.

            The topic of being a “chosen one” is a topic that many tend to argue about; many say that yes one can be a chosen child of God to where as others say it’s not possible. The fact of the matter is though that when one is truly a child of God they are chosen; when they follow the scripture laid out to us by the teachings of Jesus, we are told that it is possible. The argument that many tend to say though is that one person cannot truly be someone God has handpicked to do God’s work. Is it true though….whether perfect or imperfect…..think about it. Mary….the mother of Jesus….was she not chosen by God to carry His one and only son? Noah, who mind you was a drunk, God chose to make an ark to help save himself, his family, and two of each kind of animals. Moses…..who had a stuttering problem….God used to write the Ten Commandments and lead them into the promise land. Rahab….a prostitute of all things…..housed the two spies in return receiving protection from God when the city of Jericho fell. There are so many more people God used in the Bible…’s that could be consider as God’s “chosen ones”. The scripture of John fifteen clearly points out that when we accept Christ and truly rely on God….that we are chosen. In this scripture Jesus is talking to his disciples about this. It states:

                  16- You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit - fruit that will last- and so that whatever you ask for in my name the Father will give you.

So as you can truly see that when we are one of God’s children and we are chosen to do His work, we didn’t chose Him on it rather than He chose us. Yes, we decided that we would follow Him and accept His son as our Lord and Savior, but when it comes to doing the works of God, if you are one of His you really don’t have a choice. I mean you do but keep in mind that if you run what happens….you end up like Jonah. So let me ask this…..are you going to be like Jonah, run, and end up in the belly of the whale trying to deny that you are a chosen one OR are you going to just raise your hands, look up, and say… “God, I surrender all….I am the one you have chosen….here I am do with me as you will”. Myself, I have tried for about forty-two years to run from it and trust me you are just better off to surrender to Him and say, “God, here I am… You are the potter and I am the clay….mold me and make me…. This is what I pray”.

Lord Willing and until tomorrow-

God Bless and Keep you all-



Psalms 121 <><




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