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Are you a person of fear or a person of faith ?
    Greetings again to one and all. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Even with a few minor mishaps this morning, it has been an overall WONDERFUL day for me. I really place a focus upon the blog for today but not as much as I normally do. God brought it to me as I was listening and deciding upon what I wanted to write on today. I feel He led me to this topic because I know that right now times are tough and we are having some uncertain days right now however there is an abundance of reassurance, so the topic for today is this....Are you a person of fear or a person of faith?
   When we enter this world we are never told until later in life that things do get a little bit rough. Growing up we observe these times and moments through our family and friends.The thing is that we are all raised to the "beat of a different drummer". I have learned that it doesn't matter who you are its how one is raised whether or not during difficult times they fear them or that they hold to the faith. I am not saying that we all don't worry or fear at some point in our lifetime BUT how we pull through it is upon the raising of each individual person on how they pull through. 
    The times may be tough yet if you stick to your faith then you can make through anything. In the book of  Joshua 1, we are told by Joshua that God has told him the following :

              5-No one will be able to stand up against you
               all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, 
               so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor 
               forsake you.

We can see here that God has reassured Joshua that no one....meaning NO ONE will stand up against him as long as he keep's him [God] in his life. When we become terrified or scared  though we also need to remember what God told Joshua in verse 9:

               Have I not commanded you ? Be strong and
               courageous. Do Not be terrified; do not be 
               discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with 
                you everywhere you go. 

This world is not an easy one but God didn't promise it would be yet we have to learn not so much trust in the people or things of this world but to keep and rely on faith and God. We need to learn where to cast all of our worries, fears, and anxieties. For in 1 Peter 5, Peter is talking to those who have had the suffering and persecution upon them and what Christ had instructed for them to do. He tells them :

                   7- Cast all your anxiety on him because
                        he cares for you.

Yes, we are living in uncertain days but the thing is in order to overcome fear, anxieties, and fear we need to stand in the faith that God will help get us through the rough and difficult times. A song of the Gaither's which happens to be one of my favorites is " Because He Lives" should remind each and everyone of us that because God does live, we can face these uncertain days and that the fear is gone; that we are people of  faith and not fear. That anything Satan tries to throw at us, as long as we keep God in our lives first, He is always there and will always intervene. So in closing I ask you this, in this world today are you going to live in fear, worry, and anxiety OR are you going to stand in faith believing that God will take control and handle ALL your problems while Satan attacks ?  Myself, I would much whether let God handle all of my problems whether than trying to take care of them myself. 
Remember that if you are interested in a copy of my book or would like me to speak to your church, school, group, or organization, you can retain any and all that information on the main webpage associated with this website. 
May God Bless and Keep you all-
In Christ -
Psalms 121 and 23 <><
P.S. I have began the second book. It is coming along pretty good but just really got it started. Will continue to keep you all updated.

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