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Are you ashamed or are you ready to be all God wants you to be ?
The blog today may sound similar to a commercial for the military but you will understand why when its done. As I was praying for what to write upon today there is a song out called " I am not ashamed of the gospel" and the more I continued to pray and seek God's leading on it, the more I continued to think of these words and I ask you all ready this morning are you ashamed of the gospel OR are you ready to be ALL God wants you to be?  
Society today is a very difficult place to live. We have people trying to tell Washington why prayer should not be allowed....because it "infringes" upon their beliefs. Let me say this to you though, the Bible states that one day every will bow and every tongue confess but here is a revelation for everyone...why not start now? Are you truly ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ ? I know that many tend to "shy" away about that when asked because we are ridiculed or mocked but if you are a Christian...think back; think to ALL He has done for you. Yes, there may have been tough times in your life and there are times you all probably have asked "Is God there?" just as I have, yet I know He is. No matter what is taking place, no matter how people treat me,I know God my Father is still there and still in control. The book of Romans covers the area of not being ashamed of the gospel. It clearly states and points out the following from the Apostle Paul :
                                  Romans 1:
            I am not ashamed of the gospel,because it is the power of God 
            for the salvation of everyone who believes; first for the Jew then 
            for the Gentile.
            For in the gospel, a righteousness from God is revealed, 
             a righteousness that is by faith from first to last,just as it is 
             written : "The righteousness will live by faith."

I know that many people today see only the bad in this world but as Christians if we are not afraid to get out and share the gospel, it can and will give those who don't know Him hope. Yes, people who "don't" believe are asking for prayer removal, but let me ask you....are you to going to be ashamed and not stand up to them OR are you like the old commercial goes, "Be all you can be"; Be what God wants you to be and stand up to them about this. They may not believe but we as Christians may be their only way to get to come to know Christ. 
To the one's who are trying to remove prayer because you "don't believe" let me ask this, do you believe that you are alive ? ok, you are but how do you know ? Oh, you say because you are breathing ?What are you breathing ? Oxygen, do you know its oxygen and not CO2 ? Because you have faith....what's that faith ? Well, isn't it the same faith that we as Christians use to believe that God is alive ?
I ask you this then....are you going to be ashamed of the Gospel or are you going to be all God wants you to be ? Myself, even though I haven't been able to get out due to injury, I have decided that I will get out and reach out to others the way God wants me to. If this means going out and talking or sitting here writing a blog....whatever and however HE wants I have decided to live like I believe. 
Remember if you would like a copy of the book the info is on the front of this book....
If you would like me to speak to your church,school,group,or organization that info is also found on the front page of this website.
God Bless and Keep you all-
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