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Failure....Is it as strong a word as it sounds ?

      Good day all. I hope this finds everyone doing well this beautiful, blustery, and cold `March day. The crud is still showing signs in our house as we all continue to cough and sneeze, but wouldn't trade this time with mom and dad for nothing. Thankfully, even though it still showing its ugly head, the crud by God's grace and love is gone and actually has become lighter than it was. I had been praying about what I was to write upon today and the fact of God’s grace and mercy actually comes into play with the blog for today. I want you to think as you read through today’s blog this question…..Failure….. A strong word but how strong is it, does ALL things fail, and are you going to allow it to overcome you?

   Failure….a word that truly seems as though it could be a very strong word. Yet, I ask this….How strong can that word truly be? For some it’s just a word, but for others it seems to be a strong word. We tend to see some words stronger on certain criteria than we do others. The fact of the matter is though that words do have a strong criteria and yes they can hurt, BUT we can also use words for the glory of God. When people would tell me I was too stupid to do something, I would always use those words to come back not to upset me, but to the people who said the words and foremost to glorify God. I would pray about how to do it and then allow God to work through me to where the words would revert back on the person who said. The word failure however is one that tends to affect all of human dignity as when something does go wrong we always feel as if we have failed and are many times ended up known by others as a "failure”. Yes the word failure in that manner can be very harmful and hurtful yet think of this….is it truly as strong as it sounds or as we make it?  God’s love however is a never failing love and we only feel that way…as failures ONLY because of how Satan wants us to feel. Remember though that God’s love is a NEVER failing love. His love NEVER changes and even though we all have made mistakes He loves us no matter what. The book of Psalms give voice to the human emotions. It talks to God through praise and professions of faith and praise. In Psalms 136 we are reminded over and over of how God’s love NEVER fails us. It reminds us:

                              26- Give thanks to the God of heaven

                                        His love endures forever

So, as we can see the word failure is as only as strong as one makes it. God chose to make the word failure weak by loving us so much that He sent His one and only son to die on the cross for our sins. He allows ALL things…good and bad…work together for the good of us. So as you can see words can affect us only as we allow them to. Whether we allow Satan to overcome us by making us feel we are stupid or failed OR if we allow these words to go to God and let HIM use us as He sees fit is up to each of us individually.  As you can tell not ALL things fail….especially when God is involved. Anything from the possible to the impossible… long as God is in control it will go far and all things work together for HIS good! Finally, my final question to you is this? Are you going to allow the word failure (or any other word for that matter) overtake you or are you going to allow God handle it all thus allowing for ALL things to work together for our good ? Myself, I am going to let God handle it. Remember if you are interested in having me talk to your church, school, group, or organization or are interested in a copy of the book, you can retain all the information from the front of this web page.

God Bless and Keep you all-

In Christ –


Psalms 121 and 23 <><


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