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Faith becomes a food-Bread is not just food

Good day once again all.  I hope this finds every one of you doing well. I am feeling a little better but still, Satan is trying to attack. I have decided however that I will continue to cast it all the problems and anxieties that I have been having back to God because I know He will handle it. My faith is what keeps me going and thus I have to. I want you to think about this though, did you know that faith has become a food. As I explain this I want you to think about this….have you cast all of your problems back to the water? Are you relying on who you need to?

 Faith….it is a word that is discussed in many ways but have you ever heard of it described as a food item? Well uniquely enough there is a song about it and the more I listened about it, the more I realized how this was being laid out. Faith and all of the prayers we send out is like that of a piece of bread but sometimes we tend to get discouraged as we don’t feel that God is answering those prayers as quick. When He doesn't it tends to shake the faith of many but the thing is that we have to continue to pray and believing ….having the faith….that He is going to and will answer it in some form and manner. You have to continue to working for His kingdom and NOT give up on the fact that it is God’s timing, not ours. In the book of Ecclesiastes we are learning that a life which is centered on God has no purpose nor does it have any meaning. We learn in chapter eleven verse one that: 


                                       1- Cast your bread upon the waters

                                            for after many days you will find it again

V  We are therefore shown here that we have to cast our prayers…..our faith….our bread out to God and trust that He will handle it. It is like that of a piece of bread which is thrown out into the water. We have to trust and believe that it will come back. We have to press in for the good of what God wants.  For when He does take care of it, it will come back to us. We however have to give to Him and not get discouraged and continue to press in and believe that the prayers we have sent to God will be answered when He is ready. So I ask this question to you….Have you been praying; have you been casting that bread out. If so and God has not answered are you getting discouraged? Is your faith being shaken? Are you feeling like giving up? Remember not to be discouraged and keep on doing what you are doing. Cast the bread upon the water and continue to press in and forwards. Don’t work for what you want….work for what God wants because when we plant seed’s the growth will happen. God then in turn return it to you ten times fold and what a blessing that truly is.

Remember if you are interested in having me speak to your church, school, group, or organization or are interested in a copy of the book, you can find all the information on the front of this website.

God Bless and Keep you all-

In Christ-


Psalms 121 and 23<><


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