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Faith : Making the Impossible Possible

Good day all! I hope this finds you all doing well and that you have seen how blessed we are once again to see another beautiful morning that God has given us. Things have been busy as I am working on promoting the children’s book and looking for a job. Yes, I know that sounds a little awkward, but I am learning that in order to get to point B you have to have a point A. Many have really tried to discourage me about this book but I have vowed that with God’s help…I will make the impossible possible….which happens to be to the topic of the blog today.

  In today’s world many feel that there is no hope; no reason to go on; no miracles can happen. The news when turned on is nothing bad. The fact of the matter is though, that is not the case. If something in this life seems impossible, there is one little word to help make that impossible become possible- that small word is faith. When we have the faith and rely solely upon God to handle what seems impossible- that is when it becomes possible. I give you this scenario….a normal, average, everyday person…..would it be possible for them to connect and hook up with someone famous…for example- an actor, a singer, or even a famous sports person? In today’s society the true answer would be this…. “Only in your dreams”.  The fact of the matter is though that if a person has the faith, believes, stays true to that belief, but most of all relies on God and lets Him handle it….then that is when the impossible becomes possible. Impossible is truly not a word though if you think of it; impossible is basically an excuse for one not to try or to believe. I think to the book of Matthew Chapter fourteen when this topic is brought forth and Peter. Jesus walking on the water and Peter (with the other disciples) see Him, but they think it is a ghost. Peter is the one who questions Jesus if it is Him and when He does, Jesus then say’s:

                            29- “Come”

So Peter gets out of the boat and begins to walk yet when he saw the wind he began to sink. Just as Peter we trust up unto the point that the winds begin to blow….per say a new project God lays before us to do or a new career move He opens up for us…..we then become like Peter when he saw the wind....we become afraid and we begin to sink crying out to God to help save us; we begin to think the possible is impossible, but why? Well, Jesus goes on in that scripture to point it out why we are similar to Peter in our faith. The scripture goes on to point out that Jesus immediately reached out his hand and took hold of him saying:

                    31- “Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

We as humans sometimes tend to be a lot like Peter when things begin to look rough. Yes, we have stepped out on the water but when we see the wind we become afraid and begin to cry out to God to save us, but then when all is good, we hear the same as Peter. For we had doubted God in getting us to making the impossible possible; not relying upon Him and His power to get us where ….not where we want to be….but where God wants us to be. So I ask you this simple question…..Look at what is happening in your life…..are you doing what God wants; are you going from point A to point B with the faith; are you believing the impossible can become possible OR are you being Peter and having that little faith in which you are beginning to sink with?  I am guilty of this by far and to this day I still do this, but as time has gone on, I am learning more and more to rely on God to help me in making sure I am at the point A that He wants me at so that it will help me to get to point B. He is helping me see and making me realize that when it’s what HE wants that the impossible can, will, and does become the possible.

Lord Willing and until tomorrow-

God bless you all-



Psalms 121 <><

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