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9:16 AM
Friends.....Few and far between....what kind of friend are you ?

Good day all! I hope you are grateful and thanking God for another beautiful day! Each day I wake up, I am very grateful that He allows me to awaken and continue to do His work. I thank Him for that but I was reminded of another thing that I truly have to thank Him for and it’s what I want to discuss in today’s blog…..friends and friendship. So, how important are friends and friendship to you? Are you loyal or do you use them and then forget them? For me a true friend and friendship is few and far between and therefore I ask you this……What kind of friend are you?

     Friends and Friendship is a topic that is not truly touched on by people. Why you ask….well it’s because friendships and friends are something that yes people talk about, but it hardly ever a positive note. Well, today I talk on a positive note about friendship…..friends are a true blessing to make it through this life. Many say things like, “Well I don’t really have time to hang out with my friends.” Let me just say this time or not they are still your friends. You don’t always have to hang out; you don’t always have to talk…….just knowing that they are there and thinking of you is a true blessing. I have a friend who does not live in this area. We have each other on Facebook and Twitter yet because he is not here does not mean we aren’t friends; just because we don’t always talk to one another all the time doesn’t mean we aren’t friends and doesn’t mean we don’t care about one another. We are there for each other when times do get rough and we are loyal and of course faithful to one another. The Bible talks about loyal and faithful friends in the book of Proverbs chapters seventeen and eighteen. We are told in chapter seventeen that:

                    17 - A friend is always loyal and a brother is born    

                            to help in the time of need    

  We are then told in the chapter of eighteen that:

                     24-   There are “friends” who destroy each other,

                             but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.                  

We see that friends can be loyal and faithful no matter the circumstances. God gives us special friends through life and they are there through the good and the bad. They stay close no matter what but how are we as friends? Friends are few and far between….no matter the distance. It doesn’t matter the distance for when you are friends the loyalty and faithfulness sticks; for it is like love….no matter the distance you are….whether it’s in the same town or many miles apart if it’s the matter of the heart then it will stick with you no matter the distance. For a lifetime is never too long to live as friends.

Lord willing and until tomorrow-

God bless and keep you and remember to give thanks for your friends

Love Always-


Psalms 121 <><

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