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2:27 PM
God's Voice- Do you know when its him ?
As I had been sitting here today fighting off the enemy so I could get the blog in for today and after much time in prayer with God about what He wanted for the blog the topic finally came to a head when I heard God say gently..."How close are you truly listening to what I want you to do?" I then turned on one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies and "boom" there it was. So today's blog is this : God's Voice- Do you know when its him ?
   Many times when we feel we are to do something we have mixed signals about what we are to do or we think we are to do one thing and something else comes out. The confusion then sets in and we are not sure what do then. The thing is though confusion comes from one place and one place only and that is the enemy. When Satan knows what you are doing is for God, he doesn't want it happening and does everything he can to confuse you and make you stop what you are doing. The thing is when it all comes forth and you turn to God to help you figure it all out is when you can truly hear the voice of God. The song by Casting Crowns "The Voice of Truth" says it perfectly in that when we set forth to do the will of God; when we set forth to do God's work, we are reminded by the enemy of the giants of our past failures BUT the Voice of Truth tells us that different story. We are are shown in the book of John says :
                        John 8:
           Whoever is of God hears the words of God 
            The reason you do not hear them is that you are                 not of God

We see here that the Voice of God ; the voice of truth tells each of us a different story. The voice of God guides us to what He wants; He guides us to what needs done. Looking at the fact we are God's sheep and He is our shepherd we should be able to hear the voice no matter the length of time it takes. 
 John 10:27 states:
           " My sheep hear my voice,and I know them, 
             and they follow me."
We need to listen closely at who is instructing our lives. If we are unable, even after a period of time, to hear God then how truly and closely are we listening ? 
So I ask you are we hearing the giant telling us how bad we have failed or do you eventually hear God's voice in which you hear the voice of truth ? I think I personally would like to hear the voice of God. 
Remember if you need info on the book the link is on the front page and to have me speak to your group or organization the info is posted there as well. 
God Bless you and keep you-

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1 Missy  
Love it!!! We must always listen to the true voice of God.

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