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4:36 PM
God's way is not our way
Hello again everyone. I hope your day has been a good one. Things here once again has been a struggle but because of God we are making it through. After some things taking place today the normal question hit me of "why". The answer I ended up with has been that its God's way not ours. So what do I mean by this ? Well let's take a closer look. 
When I was reminded that it was God's way not our's , I was reminded of it when I heard the song "Four days late"
by Karen Peck and New River. Many times in life we have issues take hold that we feel God should take immediately and fix. The fact of the matter is that God 's way to do things is not our way of doing things. The story of the death of Lazarus found in John 11 is a perfect example. Lazarus is sick and dies yet Jesus has been told about it. When He arrives of course Martha, the anxious one she always was,  meets Him. Now you have this vision of her doing this so continue on to imagine that she is standing there telling Christ in a spunky and fearful voice that if He would have shown up when He was sent for, Lazarus would be alive now. 
 Take me a moment now if you will to imagine what Christ is doing. I can all most see Him standing before her , literally shaking His head in utter disbelief. Christ then gets Mary from the house, and is then led to the tomb where He calls Lazarus forth AFTER four days. 
The fact of the matter here is that yes Lazarus died and it took Christ four days before doing the miracle BUT it was in the timing of God. When it comes to us, we are similar to Mary and Martha when things happen. We ask the questions of : When, Where Why, and How. The truth is that anything we do; anything that is done is not in our way BUT it is done in God's way. Christ goes on to tell Mary and Martha the following out of verse 25:

        "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes 
          in me will live,even though he dies. "

So here is the question of the day. We all have struggles and things in which we wait upon for God to take care of ,BUT are you going to be ecstatic like Martha because God is four days late on promises He has made you or told you or  are you going to continue to believe as Christ told Martha to do so that it will happen ? The choice is yours but I believe I can continue to wait because when God is four day's late....well my friend, He's right on time because His way of doing things is definitely not our way.
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