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10:16 AM
Have you stopped bleeding....Proof God has touched you
Good morning to one and all. Yep, I am actually up at the crack of dawn this morning and getting a jump on the blog.Even though it looks a little cloudy and gloomy here today it is still a blessed morning and day as God has once again given us another breath of life. As I prepared to begin today's blog I kept thinking on an old hymn that really touches my heart,so the topic for the blog today is about proof that God has truly touched you. 
 Pain and hurt in today's world is all we hear or think about......whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. For example, if we are physically sick and doctor's don't want to help us then we have to fight to keep going or when someone hurts us or they are mean to us, all we can do is hold grudges and be upset over it. When we do this it is like we are re-opening wounds that have been closed and allowing them to bleed all over again. Now, I am not saying we forget them or that its wrong we talk about it because when we do we show others what has happened in our lives, but you can not hold grudges or stay angry because its just like allowing it to bleed all over again.If we continue to do this we will never get past the issues as God wants us to and move on. The way I see and figure this issue is that we end up being like the woman in Mark 5:25-34. The woman had been suffering for twelve years as she was subject to bleeding. Now before I go any further let me just say I understand this because I was the same way before they found out that I had uterine cancer, so I can relate to how this woman felt. Just like many of us, she had been under the care of several doctor's BUT just like it happens today, she was not seeing any type of improvement BUT when she heard about Jesus, she did as any of us who are desperate for healing would have done and that was she reached out and touched the cloak of the Almighty. Now imagine doing that and suddenly this man can truly feel His powers were gone. You and I just as this woman was, would probably had been shaking in our shoes because ALL we were wanting was healed. The woman felt the bleeding stop and she felt freed from suffering in her body. Now I can relate to an extent because this woman truly touched the garment; me,well I say that God Almighty was doing my surgery with the doctor's. I died on the table BUT God was there to help my blood start flowing once again and back through my body. Finally, when the woman came forth as being the one who touched Christ,we see that He does something that not any normal person would have done (but then again we are talking about Christ). He turned to the woman, looked at her and said this : 
                34-  "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in     
                         peace and be freed from your suffering."

Now had this been anyone else we all have a good idea how it would have turned out. But what we see here is that a touch from the Master ,even though she touched His clothes, can truly stop all pain, suffering, and can heal us in all ways : Whether it be a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual situation. God's special touch can and does get us through anything in this life, no matter how bad it seems. My questions to you is this : Have you stopped bleeding ? Have you given up on life because of an illness or are you opening old wounds because you are holding a grudge against someone who has either talked bad about you or done something wrong towards you ? Have you reached out to touch the cloak of the Master ? Are you showing proof that God has touched you ? These are only questions you all can answer and I will be honest with you, just until recently, about five years ago, I did. I had many of the issues that I have listed and I still do in the lines I am injured right now ( but please know this WILL not stop me from speaking to groups, church, schools, or organizations) , I have my moments, BUT here is the thing, when you reach for the Master, He will ALWAYS be there, no matter what.
Remember that if you are interested in having me speak to your church, school, group, or organization, you can find all that plus a link to get a copy of my book on the homepage of this website. I have been working on the second book. Its coming along OK; not as fast as I guess I was hoping it would but it is in the works. Please just keep praying and I will keep you all updated. In the meantime...God Bless each and everyone of you.
In Christ -
Psalms 121 and 23 <>< 
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