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How has the old rugged cross made a difference for you....Have you learned to pick up your crosses?

               Good day all! I hope everyone had a blessed weekend. I know ours has truly been a half way decent one. No hospitals this weekend....thank you Lord. As I had been praying this weekend on what I should write about, it just so happened that the book that God had me write happened to come back you might say and bite me in the butt. As you are reading the blog today I want you to think about this question….how has the old rugged cross made a difference for you? Have you learned to pick up your crosses?

When we first came into this world we had no worries as our parent(s) usually were the ones to take care of us. The issue however was once we became adults as things seem for some to only become harder than normal. We usually hear the saying of "well I wish we would have had a handbook to go with these problems.” The thing is though that we was given instructions on making it in this life. When Christ was sent to die on the cross for our sins, He took all of our problems upon Himself.  He hung on the old rugged cross in order for us to live. The thing is that we must die to ourselves daily and pick up our own personal crosses. In the book of Luke we read where the physician Luke writes the good news story about the salvation that we would endure through the old rugged cross. We learn in the fourteenth chapter what it means to truly be able to make it through the rough times of this old world. We have to truly die to ourselves in order to live for God and what God wants. We are unable to be the disciples for God if we do not die to ourselves daily. In verse twenty-seven we are given this instruction:

        27- "And whoever does not carry their cross

        and follow me cannot be my disciple.”

We have to therefore pick up our daily crosses in order to follow the instruction book for this life. We have to die to ourselves in order to do as God has instructed in order to make see the difference in which that old rugged cross has made for each of us. So I ask you this…How has the old rugged made a difference for you? Have you been picking your crosses up and dying daily to yourself so that you may see the power and work of God in your life? In order for any of us to be able to do that, we must first and foremost truly humble ourselves before the father. For if this is not done then we have not truly died and therefore will not be able to move into the role of being a disciple. Myself, I think it’s time I become even more humbled before the Father as I wish to become a disciple…who will join me? For I know that old rugged cross made a major difference in my life thus it’s time to pick up the crosses and die daily to myself so I can live for God.

Remember if you are interested in a copy of the book or you wish to have me speak at your church, school, group, or organization, you can find all of the information on the front page of this website.

God bless and keep you all-

In Christ-


Psalms 121 and 23<><



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