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Jesus: The head miracle miracle worker's still exist and could one of them be you ?

Well we go once more as I am going to try this again. I had one all most ready to post and wouldn't you know it, Satan is mad and wiped out ALL of the blog. I am NOT going to let that stop this blog as I feel it is very important. I especially feel it is very important soon as how today as I was preparing it I had or was going one way and it truly flipped around as I knew God had directed me to where I was supposed to go. I therefore begin this blog with having you think about this....Jesus was known as the head miracle worker BUT is it possible for miracle workers to still exist and could we     ( meaning you and I) be that miracle worker ?  Let’s take a better and closer look at this topic and consider your answer to this particular question. 

   Miracles......a word that many today turn away from and don't truly believe because of all the bad things which are taking place in the world today. Another term that many turn away from or don't believe in is that of miracle workers. So why is this.....why is it that many don't believe in these two terms anymore? Well, it’s called a total lack of faith and non-belief. Before I go any further however let's take a closer look at what the term miracle truly means. According to the Webster's online dictionary, the term miracle means in short, "an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God." The full definition however says, "An extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs”, hence this means that no matter the miracle, God is over all that is happening and the people who are over and help these particular miracles that occur are indeed known as miracle workers. 

The most well-known miracle worker we all know is Jesus Christ. His miracles were above and beyond all measures which included but not limited to raising the dead, turning the water into wine, making the lame walk, the mute talk, and the blind to see. When He died on the cross however many felt that the role of miracle worker left with Him.

The story did not however just stop there. When Christ died, the Holy Spirit returned to us in order to help fulfill the roles in which God has assigned each of us and this includes that of being a miracle worker. In the book of Acts we come to see that God is doing extraordinary miracles through Paul (Acts 19:11) and thus it goes to prove that when it comes to something being in God’s plans that miracles and miracle workers do exist.

So, we know that they exist but what about in today’s society…do miracles happen and can miracle workers still be in action today or are they as many of society thinks of them today….extinct. In answer to this question, the answer is yes…yes miracles DO happen and YES there are still miracle workers. Now I understand that you all are probably thinking there is no way this can happen. You may be thinking that ok, yes miracles happen BUT a miracle worker there is no way someone is that. The truth is that miracle workers do exist. For in the book of first Corinthians, Paul is writing the first letter to the church he started that was now needing guidance and assistance in how God wanted them to run the church.  He tells them in the twelfth chapter that:

             27- Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of          

                   you is a part of it.

           28- And the church God has appointed first of all

                 apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then

                 workers of miracles, also those who help others,

                  also those having gifts of healing, those able to

                 help others, those with gifts of administration,

                  and those speaking in different kind of tongues.


As you can see when one decides to accept Christ in their lives we are given special gifts by God. We have to learn to use them through prayer and the studying of God’s word so that when God is ready for us to use them they can be used and for some it is very difficult. I say this because when talents are used it is hard on everyone but especially for miracle workers. People ridiculed, criticized, and tormented Christ for these miracles and thus miracle workers chosen by God when doing His work are treated as such. For example a young girl from a small town that is not say very popular and keeps to herself ends up with a famous person, now most would say that ,ok yes that is a miracle because normal things like that don’t happen. Yet when an individual who God has specifically chosen steps in to help that miracle as God has taught and instructed the individual , they are considered to be that of bad and evil. Let me just reintegrate however the scripture from Hebrews 13:

                   2- Do not forget to show hospitality to

                    Strangers, for by doing some people have

                    Shown hospitality to angels without knowing


  The individual may be a stranger yet if it is a miracle worker of God, the stranger could be just that a stranger

 or it could be that of someone you had not seen in a while,                   or even that of a best friend that you think you know but in truth you didn’t truly know them. So, I ask you this question….how many angels have you entertained recently? For you never know when the person setting next to you or across from you is going to be that angel. Finally, I ask you this…..Christ was the head miracle worker and when he died, God continued to use Peter to resume the miracles on the earth with the help of the Holy Spirit. My question to you is this…..Do you have the faith it takes to believe: 1) that miracles do still happen, 2) that there ARE miracle workers that are still amongst us, and 3) Do you believe that you yourself could be a miracle worker? The key to each of these is the faith God has for us to use. If you have the faith and you can believe like a child…..then ALL things ARE possible.

Remember that if you are interested in having me talk to your church, school, group, or organization or if you are interested in a copy of the book all the information can be retained and found on the front of this website.

God bless and keep you all-

In Christ –


Psalms 23 and 121 <><

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