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Miracles Happen--Still
As we have officially entered the Christmas season we need to remember that this is truly the season for miracles. Many in today's world does not believe in miracles nor do they believe in miracle workers. "There is no such things as miracles or miracle workers."we hear in the world today; only because of all the evil that has corrupted this world BUT remember that in the book of Matthew that Christ did not do miracles because of the lack of faith (Matthew 13:58). Others say it is impossible for God to do miracles with and through people however in the book of Acts we are shown that it can happen:

                   Acts 19:
    God did extraordinary miracles through Paul

So as we see miracles can be done with miracle workers. What I am getting at is that God does still do miracles here on earth AND He does have the miracle workers as I have come across them. I am grateful to God that He still works these miracles and has these miracle workers on this earth. I believe He is working miracles in my life and has placed a miracle worker within. I hope that as we go through this holiday season that we remember the biggest miracle that took place though; the miracle of the birth of Christ. So I say to you believing in Santa and all the wonderful things at Christmas is great BUT if we believe in all of the typical Christmas connections then why is it so hard for people to believe in the birth of Christ and the miracles of this holiday season. 
Remember that if you are interested in the book there is a link on the front of  this webpage and to contact me to speak all info is there as well. God Bless and Keep you all....look for more Christmas blogs to come. 
Love in Christ-
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Excellent work! You're doing great! Keep it up!

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