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Miracles Part 2 - Unanswered Prayers
Well hello again everyone. I hope the day for everyone is going well and you are truly being blessed. Today's blog is coming off of yesterday's as in part one I discussed miracles and that prayer's are truly heard. Today's blog deals with the second part of miracles, unanswered prayers, and faith. I want you to think about this question as you read and then you can answer it at the end of the blog, so lets begin.
  How many of you have ever prayed for something from God and How many times have you ever felt that the prayer just went unanswered ? I am here to tell you that I understand but I am also here to reassure you that God has not forgot us nor has He left us. As I prayed about the blog for today, God helped me to see that many people do pray for certain things within their lives yet when the prayer is not answered we tend to get upset or angry at God for not answering it. 
         In James 4:3 it tells us"
                "You ask  and do not receive, you ask wrongly , 
                  to spend it on your passions."

     I understand this because I have done this before. I also know that when praying you have to retain and keep the faith that God instructs us to have when praying for our needs. 
            In Matthew 21:22 God tells us : 
                 "And whatever you ask in prayer,you will 
                  receive, if you have faith."

The miracles in which we ask for will happen but we have to trust God. Even though He might not have answered in the time we felt He should, keep in mind that it is NOT our time in which our prayer's are being answered, it is in God's time. I have learned here recently that patience for many is a virtue yet if we await as we are instructed with God leading the way. In the past few months I have learned this and I am truly continuing to understand that unanswered prayer's are sometimes good. And when you get the answer know it is what and how God has chosen for it to be. One of my prayer's I still have going and have had for many years. Even though it has not been answered to an extent, I know it will happen as He has promised me. For we need to continue to rely on God and not get discouraged at an unanswered prayer BUT have the faith that He will eventually answer that particular prayer.  

  For in 1 John 5:14 we are told  
        "And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will, he hear's us."

I truly stand in faith and belief that anything that I need or my family needs, He will provide. My question to you is this, are you going to stand in faith that He is going to answer those unanswered prayer's you have prayed OR are you going to give up and loose ALL faith in what God has promised ? 
       Myself, I believe I will just continue to trust in God and let Him answer as He does. For you know when you do have faith and belief, that is what faith can do, the silent prayer's do get answered, and that's what happens when you hold to faith....the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of  things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1).  I pray you do the same.  
      Remember, if you are interested in having me speak to your church, school, group, or organization and you are interested in copies of the book, all the info can be found on the front of this webpage. I have started a new book and more details are to come. 
God Bless and keep you all-
In Christ-
Psalms 121 and 23

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