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4:05 PM
Praise the great Physician in all storms
 We’ll all....finally I am able to get around to doing the blog. As many of you know we had to bring my mom to the hospital last night as she had an asthma attack early yesterday but then could keep nothing down...not even a cup of bullion. The ER doctor admitted her and now she will be having an upper GI tomorrow. I am now sitting here in her hospital room and writing this blog on five hours sleep. I therefore ask you all too please forgive me if I don't make sense or if I have misspelled words of any sort. The storm that blew through last night was one none of us had been expecting; one that all of my family was trying to weather. The thing is however is that as this has happened, it made me stop to think about who the true Great Physician is. My question for you to think about is this….do you praise the Great Physician and truly rely on Him in the storms of life…including illness or do you get all stressed and freaked out because of what is taking place ?

Life throws us many storms from afar. We can be going along in our daily lives and then suddenly something or someone interrupts everything as it is going along. When we get to close to something in God’s realm and standards….such as a miracle, Satan will do all he can in order to put a kink in things. This includes illness to either you OR a family member. When this happens it is automatic that the first thing to do is stop trusting, following, and even stop relying upon God. The thing is though when we are sick that is who we need to rely upon most, as He is the Great Physician. In the book of Isaiah, Isaiah is writing uniquely enough about the stormy time that is happening in Israel. Isaiah however turns to the promises of God for the comfort, forgiveness, and restoration in which will all result in the glory of God. In chapter fifty-three we are shown the "degree” of our Great Physician and a pre-empt to what Christ will do for us while on the cross. We are told:


               5- For he was pierced for our transgressions,

                he was crushed for our iniquities

                the punishment that brought us peace

                was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.


As you can see Christ when came and died on the cross….He died with all the illnesses we endure and all the storms of life we go through thus no matter what is happening, we need to praise Him. He is our Great Physician who guides us through the storms in which we endeavor. Life isn’t easy and sometimes we have to go and do things we don’t want to endeavor BUT because of Christ we can weather the storms. My question to you now is this….when you encounter these storms….do you praise the Lord- lifting your hands and praising Him OR do you panic….freak out and turn from Him? Myself…no matter how stressful things seem, I would much rather just move forward and praise Him for I know that eventually it will, as my mamma always says, "come out in the wash” and we will only get stronger for what good is to come.

Remember that if you are interested in a copy of the book OR if you would like me to speak to your church, school, group, or organization, you can retain all that information on the front of this website.

God Bless and keep you-

In Christ-


Psalms 121 and 23 <><

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