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10:56 AM
Prayer time....Did you take your shoes off?

Good day all!  I hope this finds you doing well and blessed.  I am not beating around the bush today…okay that was a slight pun going into today’s blog topic. Let me ask this question….when you are praying or are in the presence of our Holy Father are you in shoes or do you have bare feet? Think about it as I write of whether we should have shoes or not in the presences of God the Father.

    Many times in the summer we all enjoy running around with no shoes on. The warmth of the ground or sand squishing beneath our bare toes helps to remind us that it is truly summer time. When it comes to prayer time however, are we still in bare feet or do we have shoes covering them? I want you to take a moment and think of this. If we are covering our feet when we enter prayer time we are not feeling the warmth nor the squishy feeling of the presence of God between our toes. When you enter His presence in prayer we are like Moses was at the burning bush. For it was during that time that God got Moses attention. We are shown in the book of Exodus chapter three that God truly stops Moses in his tracks. He says:

                         4- So when the Lord saw that he turned aside to    

                           look, God called to him from the midst of the             

                             bush and said, “Moses, Moses!”

                         5- Then he said, “Do not draw near this place.

                                Take your sandals off your feet, for the

                                   place where  you stand is holy ground.


As you can see when Moses went to enter the presences of God the ground of which he was beginning to step upon and pray was holy. So when we pray should we wear something on our feet or should we take those shoes off as we enter into the presence of God our Father? I feel that any time in which we do enter the presence of our Heavenly Father that we need to see and try to be as those who were before each of us. We need to show the respect in which all including Moses showed. For once we enter into that sacred moment of prayer time with our Father we need to remember just how much Holy Ground of which we are standing upon. The Holy Ground is the sacred ground between you and the Father in which you lay all of your prayers and concerns upon, therefore it needs to be treated as a clean and sacred area between you and Him. I therefore say this to you- the next time in which you do go into your prayer mode- remember to keep the area sacred in which you remove your shoes. For remember- when you do this you are truly standing on Holy Ground.

Lord Willing and until tomorrow-

God bless-



Psalms 121 <>< 

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