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Praying ....Big things CAN happen no matter how it is done.

Good Day all. Well, I told you I would try to keep up on the blog while helping mom and dad. Yesterday was an overall productive day as I did get a lot of sewing done. I however was led today to do this special blog as many wonderful things happened yesterday. God has truly been moving in my life and my family. For many of you know about the tear I retained while working and all that has been happening in the lines of the law issues and the medical issues. Well what most don’t know is that I had been trying to work to earn the money to help promote the book more.  Then I had retained a different job after all of this other that we thought had been taken care of was still affecting me. The tear was not fixed and nothing was helping me to be comfortable enough to bend, walk, or do anything. I ended up going on LOA from the job and eventually would end up losing the job because of this whole situation. I couldn't figure out why this was happening….what was I doing wrong as I felt it was for God. I mean two jobs in this time span…one I get hurt on and end up losing the second one because of the first….it didn't make sense. Well, it is beginning now to make a lot more sense. Since then, I found out that I could have been out of a job anyway as cutbacks happened and I was not going at this right. The other night when I went to the bathroom as I was feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. Just as I had written upon in a previous blog, I went to the garden of God. I was truly given the strength to fall on my face before God in humbleness; I cried out and He heard me. Yesterday, I spent a wonderful day working on crafts and visiting with my mom and as we sat and discussed things about the book, the topic came up of promoting it. I have business cards coming in but she made the statement she wished we could retain a copy to take to things like the craft shows. We continued talking when the phone rang and it was the publishing company I was with. Come to find out- the publishing company had changed hands and where the former owners were not willing to push and promote the book, the lady I talked with sounded very friendly, very understanding about the situation I was in, and was willing to help me in anyway. None to say, by the time the conversation and day was over, I was able to obtain four copies of my book to have on hand. Plus, I told her I had been working on the second book and she highly recommended that I continue on with it and while we continue to promote the first one, I work solemnly on getting the second one completed so we could get it in print. On top of all this other things are moving forth in me getting the message God placed on me out. So….the question is to kneel or not to kneel when praying? I am going to cover it but I want you to think about this… could this affect you? Could it truly make a difference?  

 When praying how do you pray? Are you lying down, sitting in a chair, standing, or do you get on your knees before the Father. For many people I know, including myself, it is very difficult to kneel to pray. Maybe you can’t handle being on your knees for long periods of time or maybe you are like me and have something torn or broke where you can’t kneel. When praying to the Father granted He doesn't mind how you pray BUT the thing I have found out is that when you are on your knees….well let’s just say that BIG things happen. So what is the reason for kneeling many ask and the answer is plain and simple….humbleness, reverence, and the strength that is brought forth when we go before God the Father. When we are on our knees before God we bring forth the fact that we truly are not worthy to even be in God’s presence BUT because He loved us so much that He sent HIS one and only son, Jesus Christ, to die for OUR sins, that we can go to Him in humbleness and reverence. He also tells us that when we go before Him and give Him our needs, He WILL provide. In the book of Ephesians we find Paul writing the letter so that the readers can get a justification and a better understanding of what God wants for His people. In chapter three of the book of Ephesians it is put plain and simple:


     14- For this reason I kneel before the Father


Paul is showing that when kneeling before the Father and praying for the family for health, love, finances that we are first and foremost humbled and in total reverence and attention to the Father, but it also shows the strength given as we fall before Him. We are showing just how worthy we see Him as. So you ask what happens if I can’t kneel. Well, if you can’t kneel continue praying as you have been BUT if you can be like I was the other night and allow God to give the strength to you to be put on your knees, then go. Where ever one prays or how it is done granted does not matter for it is the manner in which it done. For if you become humbled before God and when you pray, He does hear and will answer. And yes, I understand that many do have a hard time kneeling BUT I will say this, when one is kneeling before the throne….BIG things happen. Remember this though as well….one day we will ALL be on our knees as every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. 

 So I ask you, do you kneel or not? Can it affect the prayers? And finally is truly earnest when you are praying? Whether or not you kneel is up to you and granted some can’t…such as myself, but if God does move you and gives you a chance to get on your knees….try it. For when you are on your knees before God….it is truly a humbling experience. No matter how you pray though ALWAYS remember to do it in earnest and with humbleness. For if it is not done with humbleness then they are just prayers, but when prayer is done with humbleness….look out as BIG things begin to happen.

Remember if you are interested in a copy of the book or you are interested in having me speak to your church, school, group, or organization that all that info can be found on the front of this web site. I will also get the link up to the new publishing company. The Publish America link still runs it but I will also put up the America Star books link so you all will have it as well.

God Bless and Keep you all-

In Christ-


Psalms 121 and 23 <><

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