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Precious Lord, just a closer walk……….. Through the storms, I am weak BUT God is strong

    Good day all. I hope that this finds everyone doing well as today is definitely a beautiful day. I apologize for not having blogged in a few days, but as I have stated, I have not been feeling well and especially so after the procedure this time. I couldn’t figure it out as I had never had this problem but I knew that for a reason this problem did happen. I saw it as just another one of the storms of life that hit me. I have been very tired and very weak since Thursday. I could not figure out the reasoning for all the complications as it had never happened before, but then things begin to fall into place. As I finally come to realize last night, I now know why all this had to happened. First off, I had tried to get back on my feet to quickly….I thought I was strong enough to handle things when in truth, I was still very weak. The second reason was that this was God’s way to get me back to work on the second book. You see, I had stopped doing what God had me doing and was intending for me to do….work on the second book. Even though the first one has had a slow movement on being promoted, it doesn’t mean that God won’t take it or this second one and hit another home run when needed. As I continue to write, I want you to think about this…..are you asking the precious Lord for a closer walk? Do you feel you are strong enough to take on day to day issues or are you weak enough to admit to the heavenly Father, that you to need help or a way to be motivated?

    In society today we are faced with many storms of life. We can be going along and all of a sudden something hits us like a barrel of bricks. Many of us tend to think that we are big and strong; not needing anyone’s help. Then there are those who look at it and admit that we are too weak to go on with what is taking place. Take for instance, something as small as a flat tire to something as large as cancer and death or even something like this procedure I had done. We ask God, why…..why did this have to happen to me? Now I don’t know about anyone else, but each time I ask this question, I am struck with the same answer, "Why my son.” I then realize how weak I am and that He is the strongest of anyone to handle these daily issues. When we ask for God to do something in our lives, He sometimes has to weaken and slow us down in order to get the things done that He wants us to do. In the second book of Corinthians, Paul has now addressed the church of Corinth for a second time. Paul is now moving back and forth between discouragement and despair and overjoy. In Chapter twelve he describes how he feels in his "storms” of life. He states:


                       10- "That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses,

                          in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For

                          when I am weak, then I am strong.


Paul is explaining that when the "storms” of life happen, he delights because he may be weak, but because of Christ being in his life, he is at his strongest. When he endures the hardships, persecutions, and difficulties, he knows God is there and that it is all happening for a reason. We all need to be as such and understand that when something does happen that seems bad or not in our schedules, that we may see it as a weakness but in truth with God, it makes us stronger. We are sometimes led to do things that God wants us to do and may be have started, but then for some reason, we end up stopping. Finally in closing, I ask you this question….when the "storms of life” are you going to try to be the " Big, strong, brave” person and try to handle it on your own or are you going to ask the precious Lord, to just have a closer walk and just go with how He wants you to handle it ? I would much rather let God handle the storms and I will just go along for the ride.

Remember that if you are interested in having me speak to your church, school, group, or organization or you are interested in a copy of the book, you can obtain all the information on the main page of this website.

Please continue to pray for the second book as I know it is what God wants from me, yet Satan is using people to discourage me from it.

God Bless and Keep you all-

In Christ-


Psalms 121 and 23 <><


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