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Quit bullying God's special angels
Preparing to write today and upon visiting with my mom, we begin to discuss my niece. God therefore led me to do this particular blog about people with disabilities.
My niece is a very special young lady who has gone through a lot in her short thirteen years. When she began school we learned that she had Autism.....a big change for her parents as her older brother had nothing wrong. Well, the moral of this long story is that even though she has what society today has labeled a "learning disability" she is a lot smarter than many people who are normal.
Many people who have a disability or something wrong with them have problems in society today; the problem is bullying. My niece for example has autism; one person may have downs; another CP; another with ADHD. I myself understand the bullying because I to was bullied when I was in school. I actually had a teacher lock me in a closet and forget me; I was the joke of many things in school. The thing is though when you bully these kids or people you are bullying God's special angels. We are told in the book of Matthew the following :
                    Matthew 18:  
                  "See that you do not look down on one of these little
                   For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see
                    the face of my Father in heaven.

These children and people are very special in God's eyes and each time someone picks on them they are messing with one of God's special angels.
For you see we are told that we are not to take revenge because that is God's job and that is for all things BUT imagine this if you bully one of God's special angels here on earth....whether the disability is something as minute as a learning disability to something as major as CP or someone in a wheel chair or walker, if you pick on all of God's kids its bad but it will be worse if you pick on those who have some sort of disability. I guess I have become more  susceptible to people with disabilities since I myself have ended up in a walker due to an injury. Having a disability is rough and you go through the bad times along with the good yet through it all  God is always there. People ask how is it that people with disabilities show happiness....well I can guarantee you all this as I have learned....they have God and faith.....something that I think this world could use a lot more of. There is no question for today but this ......I ask that if you know of someone or are someone who is bullying someone with a disability of any to make it stop. Don't let the bullying of God's special angels continue and I thank you in advance.
Remember if you need info on the book it is on the main page of this website. You can also find the info on the front of this web page if you are interested in having me come to speak to your church, school,group, or organization. 
God Bless and Keep you all
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Monday, 2018-10-22, 4:43 PM
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