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9:25 AM
Roar vs. Kitten pur.....How to tell if its God or not

 Good day all! I hope this finds everyone doing well. I am doing well other than still feeling weak from yesterday. Last night was a test as my blood pressure started dropping really low. I rested and today I still somewhat weak but I am ok. I know I will be ok however as I felt the spirit and heard God tell me I would be and with that I will be jumping right in to today’s blog. As I write I want you to think about this…when you have been praying and you get the answer, is it a loud booming roar or is it a soft quiet spirit? Do you know truly if it is God or is the enemy trying to trick you into believing otherwise?

     Lion cubs…..they are beautiful little creatures and begin as calm creatures. The roar of them is nothing but that of a cute little meow like a kitten. What happens though when that cute little meow becomes a giant and scary roar? The answer is that usually they begin to run for their lives. Now why is that when a Lion cub does this we can distinguish it yet when it comes to God and the enemy, that we have a difficult time in the distinguishing of who it is? Well, God is going to deliver to us the truth that He wants us to know where as the enemy will not. Satan tries to get us off track of what all is going on in our lives that God wants us knowing and doing that is good. When the enemy is talking we tend to begin to run away from what it is that God wants us to do. We feel with the enemy talking that we are unable to face each day or keep going because the time is tough. With God though every time we do hear Him and feel Him, we can face each and every passing day. So you ask….How can we tell if it is God or if it is the enemy; how do we know if the spirits we feel are from the Father or from Satan. In the first book of John chapter four, God shows us exactly what we must do in order to make sure He is the one that is speaking to us. For we are told:

             1-Dear Friends, do not believe every spirit, but

                       test the spirits to test the spirits to see whether  

               they are from God, because many false prophets 

                have gone out into the world.

As you can see many there are some spirits that are the gentle cub of the Father but the others are the roar of Satan. Granted Satan can also become a soft sound hence that is why we must listen closely to it and decide whether we can go up to the cub and pet it OR whether or not it is going to eat us alive. The other way to know if it is God or the enemy is this…with the enemy there is confusion and concern whereas with the Father there is truly nothing but peace. So the next time you are confronted with a spirit go with the following guidelines to see if you will be eaten alive OR if you will be embraced peacefully.

Lord willing and until tomorrow-

God Bless-



Psalms 121 <><


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