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The return of the Prodigal......daughter..

Good day all. Well, I must say it has been a long while since I have done a blog entry.I had been considering doing this but was really unsure. Sometimes we feel that we are being led by God to do something and then we feel as if it is something else. The situation is though that the "something else"  usually ends up being the enemy trying to get us completely off track. When I stopped writing back in March of last year, that was the problem. I felt I had been doing as God was instructing me to do, but I came to a block....a moment in the blog when I could only think that no one was reading it. I quit writing, I pulled away from everything and everyone, and just was a point in my life I was ready to quit. I was relying on God but the devil kept putting in my mind, " Why are you even trying.....your life is over as you will never get another job, this children's book is going no where, and your thoughts and beliefs are just farce and how I have failed at all I have done or ever will do." Well, I guess I decided I would listen to him instead of where I was suppose to be God. I threw it all to one side, said forget this writing bit as no one is interested, went to feeling sorry for myself,  and just went my own way.  Well, I am here to say this...... in the autobiography I wrote I said don't let go of the rope. I am here to say that I meant every word of it; yes, I let go for a while....I went away as did the Prodigal Son did in the book of Luke, but I am so thankful and grateful that God is like the Father of that son. No matter how bad we are; no matter how far away we tend to go and sin, God is still there to welcome us back to His family. Yes, I was a " prodigal daughter" and went away for bit. I have asked God to forgive me and like the Father that He is, He has welcomed me home. I am so grateful that when I got off of His calling for me and tried my own way, that when I realized that I can't do it....He is there, with open arms to welcome me back. I have decided that what my life is to consist of and what I am to do is up to Him....NOT SATAN! I will continue doing as He instructs; if He has a full-time or part time job for me, wants me to write, and promote the book then that is what I am going to do. Whatever He wants is what I will do.  Don't be a prodigal child and try to do things on your own, BUT if you end up doing it, remember that He will always welcome you back with open arms. 

Have a blessed day and God bless you all -

Lord willing- Until tomorrow-

God bless and Keep you-


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