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We are all human .... Exactly how worthy do you think you are ?
Good day all! Well , after much prayer and deep searching God has brought the topic for today. As I read through scripture I was more humbled than anyone could ever imagine. The topic of today's blog deals with this question I have to each and everyone of you....How worthy do you think you are ? 
  Society today tends to place people high and "holy" upon a throne because of who they. Famous people are recognized by name and what they have done in society. Now please don't get me wrong I have my favorites and some more than others. The problem however in society today is that many forget these men and women are human to. In other words, they eat, drink,  sleep, and breath just as you and I do.They laugh when they are happy, they cry when they are sad or upset,they get angry when they are mad, and yes, they even bleed when they are cut. There is one famous person however we tend to overlook. We don't make a big fuss over Him as we do some famous person and that is the Lamb that was slain...Jesus Christ. We see all the famous people as being worthy BUT the Lamb that was slain IS the most worthy of  all . You see when Christ died for our sins, His death was and is in view.Through His death, He paid it all for each and everyone of us. 
In Revelation five we see what is coming and is to come:
          11- "Then I looked heard the voice of many angels, numbering
          thousands upon thousands and ten thousands times upon ten
          thousand. They encircled the throne and the living creatures 
           and the elders.
           12- In a loud  voice they sang:
              " Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power 
              and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory 
              and praise!"        

 We must come to realize what Christ has done for each and everyone of us which should humble us to our knees. We should see Christ more worthy than anyone particular individual dead or alive. He was utmost the first famous person ever known yet when it comes to us seeing Him worthy, why is it we don't ? Why do we not put the most important man ever to come to earth as worthy ? Many either see a famous person or even sometime themselves as being the most worthiest person alive BUT I am here to say, that is NOT the case. No one is or ever will be as worthy as Jesus Christ because if we would have been, we would have been on that cross. For as the song goes, " It is finished....the battle is finished....there'll be no more is finished the end of the is finished and JESUS IS LORD!"
So I ask you this ? Are  you worthy ? Are you worthy of being called one of God's children and having Christ die on the cross for YOUR sins ? I don't know about how you feel, but I know I sure am not worthy of it. In truth no one is BUT because God loved each and everyone of us so much that He sent His ONLY son to die on the cross for us, I am truly humbled. I feel it is well worth it to say....Worthy IS the Lamb that was slain. 
Remember that if you are interested in having me come to talk to your church,school, group, or organization or you are interested in a copy of the book, you can find all the information on the front of this webpage.Please keep praying.
God Bless and Keep you all-
In Christ-
Psalms 121 and 23 <><
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5 marlalu  
Brenda....I am going to say it like this and I am saying this in a half way nice manner.....If you don't like my blog,don't read it. I don't write for people to critique it but to give what God has laid upon MY heart to share with those who read it. Just because I might have not said or wrote things right or maybe as YOU would have doesn't mean God will judge me on it.  I am saying this again....If you don't like what or how I write don't read it. God Bless and Keep you
M.L. Gourley

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3 Missy  
Right you are Doug R. I couldn't agree with you more!  biggrin

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4 marlalu  
Thanks All....I accredit this website to Him because I had never been able to write in high school but God puts people in our paths and when I was in college He did as I had an instructor threaten to flunk me if I didn't write like I needed to. None to say, my love for writing developed. God Bless  smile

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1 Doug R.  
Even though we are unworthy. I'm glad Jesus could still see the worth in all of us!

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2 marlalu  
Amen Doug. I am so grateful!!! smile ......Thanks for reading

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