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What do love standing up for ....Are you ashamed to share your faith ?
Greetings once again all. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day. Today was busy for us here as we had to do some running and then went to Waffle House for dinner. A great meal but very filling as I now feel like a beached Seriously though it was delicious and even got to discuss God with the waitress...such a blessing. The blog today actually came from that and an incident that happened to a friend of mine at her job today,so I am asking this question for you all to think about as you read. What is it that you love standing up for ? Are you ashamed to share your faith ? 
      In today's society many Christians go about saying they are BUT when it comes to the situation of standing up for it, they seem to go "cold or lukewarm" about their faith. Why is that the case ? Now on some things I understand for example the situation my friend was in today (something I am sure God knows and understands) which dealt with the fact it happened while she was at work with a customer. She wanted to say something yet with her being on the clock had she began telling the customer what she felt, it could have easily got her fired or severely reprimanded thus I understood why it happened. I do guarantee you however if she HAD been off the clock, that man would have received an ear full. When it comes to her faith she is NOT shy about it. 
       When it comes to standing up for things we believe in many of us aren't so shy so why is it then that when it does come to sharing our faith we act as if we are ashamed to share it. It saddens me to think that we aren't ashamed when it comes to standing up for certain things yet when it comes to standing up for the gospel and for Christ, there are many of us who tend to bow out or as some say, "Chicken Out." 
       Then there are some Christians who defend our beliefs and faith (no names mentioned but I am sure you know who I am talking about) that get scorned and persecuted because they are telling the truth of what the Bible talks about. My question this......I know how many supported him, BUT how many of our Christian brother's and sister's didn't say a word. I ask this question, " Are you ashamed to share your faith? Are you ashamed of the gospel ?"  We should never be ashamed of the gospel for in first Romans, Paul is telling the wonderful plan for God redeeming his own and how it will help to transform us in many different ways including that of a life of service. It tells us :
               16- "I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of                     God for the salvation of everyone who believes......" 

God tells us that when we defend His word and His honor, that we to will be protected by Him and His ban of angels. He also states however in Mark  eight that :

               38- "If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous 
               and sinful generation,the Son of Man will be ashamed of
               him when he comes in his Father's glory and the holy angels."

  I know that many in the society today come into situations like my friend did today but I am asking this question to you. When it comes to standing up for something and when you do it, do you do it with all your heart, mind, body, and soul . Do you fight for it to the end  until you are heard ? Well, I feel that as Christians we need to be and do the same way for Christ. We should NOT be ashamed and if we are able to discuss our faith (without getting fired or reprimanded severely) then we need to do as much as possible for when you share the faith; when you share the gospel of Christ, you never know when you will be help leading a lost soul to God. So in conclusion, I  ask these final questions....what is you love standing up for ? Are you ashamed to share your faith with some one no matter what may happen ? All I can say is this.....if you are my friend and you don't know about my faith but you want to get to know me, then trust me you will know about it before we are through. It is because of God I am still here today as there have been to many close calls with death for me. I encourage each and everyone of you who read this and are Christians....Don't be ashamed of the gospel. God will protect us for as long as we all continue to stand up for Him. Make the gospel the first and foremost thing that you are willing to stand up for. People that need to hear it won't if we aren't bold enough to stand up and defend it.
Remember, if you would like me to speak at your church, school, group function, or organization or if you need a copy of the book, all the info is on the front of this webpage. I also will be adding more links to where you can also retain a copy of the book from. 
God Bless and Keep you all-
Don't Be ashamed of the gospel and remember to share it daily 
In Christ-
Psalms 23 and 121 <>< 
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