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9:13 AM
What happens when God's people pray ?

Good day all!! I hope this finds everyone doing well and being blessed. Well, today will start out very busy as I have to go have blood drawn and then I have to drop off a children’s book off by one of the local television stations to see if they would be interested enough for it to be on afternoon show. I have been praying that God will have me doing what He wants me to do; whether it be a job, the book, or both. Speaking of praying how many times have you wanted something, prayed for it, and when you got it was totally amazed? Well, let me ask you this question…if God will answer your toughest prayers then what could happen when God’s people do pray? Let’s take a closer look at it.

            Prayer is a major part of a relationship with God. Many (including myself) find it either tough to pray or sometimes we are so weak that we are unsure what or how to pray (hence is why we have prayer partners). The fact of the matter is though that when we all are strong enough to pray why don’t we all pray together? Can you truly imagine what would happen should all of us bind together and pray? We can truly see what would happen in the book of second chronicles chapter seven. God appears to Solomon. When Solomon had finished the temple, God had appeared to Solomon saying that he had heard Solomon’s prayer and told him that he had chosen his temple for himself for his sacrifices. He goes on then to tell Solomon that when He closes up the heavens with no rain or command the locusts to devour the land or sent a plague, He strictly instructed Solomon of the following:

              14 – If my people pray who are called by name, will humble                                    themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their                                wicked ways, then I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

I give the answer to the problems of America ladies and gentleman. As the family of God, we need to humble ourselves before God, seek His face, and turn from the wicked ways so that He can heal the land. He tells us in Matthew that where two or more shall agree so shall it be. Well as God’s children we have a tough prayer request and it’s one that I know seems to be discouraging. The fact of the matter is that when our heart’s our broken we can take it to Him. Well folks, right now America’s heart is breaking and we need Him. We therefore need to take it to Him so His grace can flow over us. All we have to do is seek Him. I say this also not just for America, but each of us as individuals. For we all are going through rough times, but if we just continue to stick to the faith and believe and continue as God’s family to believe, then God’s grace and mercy will be over flowing that Satan will not know what hit him and friend’s, is that not what we want? To literally use a knockout punch on Satan to where he will never come to. The only way to do…..Pray!

Lord willing and until tomorrow-

God Bless-

Love –


 Psalms 121 <><




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