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Who do you work for - God or man ?
  Work....a word that many in America know about. To some it is a bad word that leaves a foul taste within their mouths; for other's its a word that means they are ready to give up and throw the towel in; for many it is a love more so than their own families; for others its an opportunity to be productive in today's society and finally for most it is the true means of "money"and being able to support a family or one's self. The fact is though work is not just doing an income earning job. Work is anything that a person does to get end results. A job yes is work BUT work also can be seen in stay-at-home wives/mother's as they clean the house and take care of the kids; it can be seen in author's who work diligently and long hours to pull a manuscript together; in missionaries who deliver the word of God to those in their own back door or overseas; the cashier at your local retailer or club warehouse is work;actors/actresses is work; even the wrestlers on the professional wrestling is work....anything to get the job completed.The question is this though....when you work who are you working for? Are you working for man or are you working for God ? Anything in which we do here on earth should be done according to Colossians as we are doing it for no one other than God. In Colossians 3:23-24 we are instructed to do the following : 
                      Colossians 3:
           23- Whatever you do, work at it with all your       
                 heart as working for the Lord, not for men
           24- since you know that you will receive an     
                inheritance from the Lord  as a reward. It is   
                the Lord Christ you are serving

Working is just that to many but for me it means working toward the inheritance from the Lord as a reward. During the time I have worked I have only done it half heatedly and not as if I was doing it for God. Even now with the promotion of the has only been with a half heart. I had been working and doing the job as if it was for man. I have made the decision now to make the work; any work that I do with all my heart and as if it was for God. My question to you dear reader's is this : When you are doing a job whether it is being a housewife, a cashier, or if I am blessed to have the pro's read this, a professional wrestler, are you doing your job as if you are doing it for man OR are you truly doing it as if you were doing it for God ? Myself I have decided to do it as if I was doing it for God because the blessings are much more and better than if you were doing it for man.  
Remember that if you are interested in the book itself there is a link to it on the front page to this website and for info on how to contact me to speak to your group, organization, or church please call the number's on the front of the page or e-mail me at the e-mail address on the front of this page. 
May God bless and keep you all! 
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