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Why do things happen ? How much are you willing to persevere ?

Good day all! I apologize for not having put blogs up the last few days but the medicine the doctor gave me for the upper respiratory infection knocks my lights out. I am doing good right now to write this one as I have taken it, but am fighting the “sleep” effects as I wanted to write a blog today. I pray that this one truly makes sense and I ask you all too please bear with me on it.

           I have been hearing of and seeing of many people going through many things in their lives here recently. My family is of no difference as we are just like all of you. Our family here recently has dealt with the death of loved ones and friends; we have dealt with the loss of job, finances, and illnesses. The most thing we now are dealing with is that mom was put in the hospital. So why do these things happen?

         Many tend to blame God for it but I am here to say that it is not God who does this. He may step aside, but it is Satan who attacks with all that takes place……..death, loss of jobs or dealing with finances, and illnesses. God is there as He always is but He does step aside for a temporary time to let this take place. He does this for a purpose.  When God does allow these issues to take place it is so that:  1) To see if we will hold to Him or turn away and 2) To see if we are going to persevere through this time. For it is during this time in which we are being tested to see how long or how far we can go. Keep in mind though if holding on to God there is no questions asked yet if you give the enemy an inch he will take a full mile and run. The book of James helps to remind us of why we are put through these times in our lives as we are told to:

              2- Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face many   

             trials of many kinds

              3- because you know the testing of your faith produces perseverance

 So as you see, the trials we have placed before us is supposed to be pure joy in order to test our faith and so that our faith will produce that of perseverance.

Now I admit, some of the test and trials we have placed before us are some that I am sure none of us want to face. They are some of which sometimes we wonder “why” on but the question is this. Are you going to allow the enemy win out or are you going to hold strong to God to make it through the trials and the testing of your faith making only stronger so that you can persevere through life and into what God wants you to do? I know it is a tough question to answer especially on some of the trials we are given, but look at it this way…I would much rather persevere than to let the enemy win…never to persevere to God’s will in our lives.

Lord Willing and until tomorrow-

God bless you all-


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Monday, 2018-11-12, 4:59 PM
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