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The Fallen Soldier ...Honoring our military
Like I always do before beginning the blog I prayed and searched out exactly what God wanted me to write about today. We are coming up on two special days :1) Veterans day and 2) The anniversary of the day my Grandfather went home to be with the Lord. You can only imagine how difficult this blog is to write but here we go for I feel it is what God wants.
When you hear the term fallen soldier who do or what do you think of? If you are like I am in that you have been brought up not only to put God first but our country as well then you know where I am going with this. 
When hearing the term fallen soldier we think of those who have served and fought to the fullest with the military and succumbed to the enemy. The thing is that its not just those who have died that are fallen but some of our soldiers come home but live with all they have gone through causing them to have problems in readjusting to a normal lifeMy Grandfather was an example of this as he served but came home. He held in all of his mental and emotional times of being in the service. I can remember however him telling me that "The big man was always with him and he knew that."  We knew that he knew God was with him for he had a small metal Bible he kept in the shirt pocket of his uniform. He would tell us that when the enemy fired the bullet should have ended his life then but because of a small tiny Bible with the metal cover  he was here to tell us about. He would then go into the bedroom and bring out that Bible and would tell us that because of the Bible and the one who wrote it, he was alive. We can truly say however that this is not true for all of our men and women of the armed forces as there are many who don't return. In any case each of these men and women who place their lives on the line for our freedom are doing as God called them to do or doing as they have been taught. We as Americans need to remember that if it was not for these men and women fighting for our freedom that we would be living just as some of the other countries live. To all of our men I just can't express enough how much I truly appreciate all you have done, are doing and will do to help give me and everybody around their freedom. To the families of all our fallen soldiers....I thank you for putting your sons, daughters, husbands, members on the front lines for all of America's freedom.  In the book of Psalms it tell us:
                    Psalms  138:
            Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life;
             you stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes, with
              your right hand you save me.

I share this for our military members and their families as I want them to know that God is with them always and as we remember ALL the fallen heroes.....those who did end up succumbing to the enemy and for those who have fought but returned home; having to live out each day that they went through while serving. I can't tell you all how much I truly appreciate what you all do and remember the one true soldier who was a "fallen soldier" for He fell for our freedom as well.....freedom from sin. I can't thank you ALL enough. I now ask each of you, my, readers, to please take a moment, think of a freedom you have, and know that because of a fallen solider you have that freedom. I have many the main freedom is my freedom from sin that Christ took the fall for and then the other freedom I think of that I have is the freedom of religion. We take this for granted  a lot but because of these men and women who fight for this freedom, I am grateful and I thank them. Finally when you see a member of the military....whether they are still in or retired, please take time, shake that person's hand, and thank them for without their services, we would not have the freedom's we have.
Remember that if you need a copy of the book the link is on the front page of this website
If you are interested in having me speak to your church, school, group, or organization the contact information is on there as well.
Happy Veteran's Day to all
God Bless and Keep you all-
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