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The pure sugar.......the longer we serve God


Good day all once again! I hope this finds everyone doing well and very blessed. I know that I truly am as God has allowed us another beautiful day. Snow or no snow I find it to be such a sweet blessing to be allowed to awaken, listen to which direction God wants me to go, and do His will. Speaking of sweet that actually brings me into today's blog. I could not help looking back to what I wrote upon yesterday when I shared with you all what happened to me at fifteen. The more I continued to think about how long I have served God , the more I thought of a song that talks about the longer we serve Him. I want you to think about how long you have truly served God (or if you have yet to do that….please read this blog as you will understand more of why when serving God those of us who have been serving are very adamant about it.) and think about how sweet the relationship with him truly is.

Sugar….it’s something in today’s society that many enjoy. It is also something that people tend to be controversial about as well because of it causing obesity, hyperactivity, and more. Anything we endure anymore though contains sugar. It is very difficult to get around drinks, food, or snacks without enduring some sort of sugar content, but what would we be if we didn't have some sort of sugar? We would be sour and bitter; no love, no compassion, no understanding. So, you ask, where exactly am I going with this? Well, let’s take a moment and look at the pure sugar….the love of God and what happens we serve Him. When you develop the relationship as I did when I was younger it is one that you learn with; the longer you serve the more you learn. The fact of the matter is however when having this relationship, the longer it goes and the more one serves Him, the much sweeter it becomes. Just as I decided upon following God and at fifteen was chosen (just as the disciples), I knew I had a lot to learn. The thing was that I was truly unsure of how it sweeter it truly would become. For when you follow God and do His work, the more services in which we give to God, it becomes like the pure sugar. Many however wonder if God truly does notice them serving Him and sometimes question whether they should continue. I can truly say this….He does notice and He will help you continue on in the service you are doing for Him, just as He has done for me. The book of Hebrews discusses the first century church and how they have been doing their service for God but is becoming discouraged because they are not seeing the results they feel is needed.  The author of Hebrews encourages them to continue to hold steadfast to their service to God and to stay true to their faith. We are reminded in Chapter six that God notices and will not forget us as we are told:

                10- God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and

                the love you have shown him as you helped his people

                 and continue to help with them.   

So as we can see…no matter what we are doing to serve God; whether it is like I shared with you all yesterday in the blog or if its writing and ministering to people; helping in church with services or children’s services… long as you continue moving forward and doing the will that God has set forth for you then serving God will only continue to become that much sweeter. So, how long have you been serving God and do you see the fact that the "pure” sugar is just as sweet as that in which we intake ? Yes, we have to have some sugar to live but the sweetest sugar we will or could ever endure is that of relationship with God and serving Him. For the longer we do serve Him, the sweeter He will continue to grow.

Remember if you are interested in a copy of the book or are interested in having me speak at your church, school, group, or organization you can find all the information on the front of this website.

God Bless and Keep you-

In Christ-


Psalms 121 and 23 <><

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