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12:29 PM
Why should we never give up? Because God won't give up on us


        Good day all...I hope this finds everyone doing well. I apologize for not for not blogging the last week but Satan attacked with that flu and thus it has been difficult for me to even get my mind centered on what I am  doing let alone what God wants me doing . I am doing somewhat better but I am still very weak from it. Speaking of being weak, I begin to think about something and that is this….why when we don’t feel like we are protruding through life like God wants us to or even if we do and people say things to downgrade us which make us want to give up, why is it we never give up? I would like for you to think about that as you read this blog because surprising enough it all does make sense in the end.

       Many times in our lives we go through life wondering what our true purpose on earth is. Some don’t search enough; then there are those who search high and low wondering if we truly do still belong. We do things of which we feel is an accomplishment only to be torn down or criticized by others (and no this is not directed at anyone or anything in particular). We are only made to feel like we are ready to quit….throw in the towel….tap out.  The fact of the matter is though that why would we want to do that? Why give up not only on God but ourselves and what God wants for us? Yes, times do get rough and we tend to have to sometimes stand up for what we believe in….including God, but we should never ever give up. We especially should never give up on something in which God has placed us to do. When we are given a task or special thing by God to do we need to stick to it. Yeah, we are going to come up against walls and barriers when doing God’s work and spreading His word, BUT we should not give up or into the enemy and those he uses to detour us from helping grow God’s kingdom. The fact is that when God specializes His people for certain task, He expects the tasks to be fulfilled and completed as He instructed for us to do. In the book of Philippians, Paul is writing to the Romans during his first imprisonment to thank them for the love and kindness they showed. We are warned against that of pride and self-seeking attitudes which can lead to harmful divisions. He finally reminds us to hold on to and use the practical tools we are given by God to help shape our thinking to the way God wants. In the first chapter we are told of how Paul is thankful and prays for all. In this chapter however, we are reminded of why we should never give up on God and ourselves. For it states:

                            5-because of your partnership in the gospel

                            from the first day until now,

                            6- being confident of this, that he who began

                             a good work in you will carry it on to completion

                             until the day of Christ Jesus.

I admit, doing what God wants us to do is not an easy job. Many times we are criticized and cut down for what is being done ; for having that never give up attitude or the HLR aspect (HLR is a whole other blog), but when God chose each and every one of us to do His special work He didn't say it was going to be easy. He knew that in order to make it through that we would have to rely on Him…..NOT GIVING UP! For if He had given up on us could you truly imagine what it would be like? I am so grateful that He didn't give up on me and therefore I ask you this….He didn't give up on us …..Are you giving up on Him? I can truly say no because if I was to give up on Him, I would be one of the people who would not search out the true meaning of my life. I am blessed and grateful that He didn't give up on me and thus not only will I not give up on Him, but I WILL not give up on myself. For I have reason and purpose in this life and God is the one who set it. I therefore will go out and share that reason and purpose in whatever way He wants. How are you going to keep from "Never giving up?”

 Remember if you are interested in having me speak to your church, school, group, or organization or if you are interested in a copy of the book, you can find all of the info on the front of this webpage.

God bless and Keep you-

In Christ-


Psalms 121 and 23 <><


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