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Why Us ?

Good day all . Well, it is a beautiful day in that God allowed us to have another breath. I feel very blessed overall and am glad that I am still breathing (even if we all are fighting the crud). Today’s topic is one that I have had on my heart the past few days but needed some time to pray about it. The topic revolves around a movie I watched the other night and I know many ask the question…….Why Us? If you have yet to see the movie “Heaven is for Real”, I encourage you all to watch it. As I watched it though it affected me to a point that I was asking some questions of my own self. If you have yet to see it the scenario goes as such….A young man by the name of Colton Burpo who was of all of four had to have an emergency appendectomy. His family was thrilled as he miraculously makes it through yet the unexpected is about to happen. Colton begins to tell of his experience that he has had in Heaven. He goes through discussing his encounters with Jesus, the angels, and people who has passed including that of a sister which his folks had lost before Colton and had never told him of her. The situation is that people don’t believe him or his family of whom his dad is a pastor at the local church. As time continues on though it becomes more evident that Colton was telling of the encounter he had and his experience. As it would come out during this time, Colton’s dad also found a young lady who had a similar experience as she began painting at the age of four.

   As I watched and really took the movie in I had to think of an experience I myself had at fifteen. I do not discuss this as I know many people would think I was nuts and with today many falsify info about God, heaven, and the visits, I have kept it under wraps so that people didn’t think I was crazy.  My family had me and my sister in church from the beginning. I have always felt that I was a miracle child because I was supposed to be dead by the age of two. Well, by the grace of God’s hand and His mercy I made it, but at fifteen though I was at an age of accountability and I remember one afternoon I had laid down to rest. I had really had a rough time because I was a freshman in high school, I was at that awkward moment when I was becoming interested in boys but they weren’t interested in me. I was not part of the popular crowd and I was learning how to deal with things. As I dozed off, I can remember hearing a beautiful angelic voice. As I looked around I didn’t see anyone but I knew it was of God. Let me stop here….I want to clarify that I didn’t say it was God but that I knew it was of God. I would later realize that it was the Holy Spirit. The message and visions were beyond what I could even imagine. I was told that if I was to do as instructed then God will provide everything I had been crying out for. He then showed me a vision of a young man. He told me that once I did as instructed that things would begin appearing. I was told that my life would be pretty rough for a while but it will be all worth it. I was told to just stick to and listen to what the Father wanted and that there would be times I would be confused because the enemy would cause this, but just continue to listen.  I was told that this young man I was seeing was someone who would be very well known, that most people would not believe the fact that we would be together, that even I would not be able to believe it, and that the way we would meet would be an awkward and unusual way, but to hold on because it would happen. I was then told that me and my family would never need for anything after that. Finally I was told that it truly would be a fairy tale ending…..that I would live with my soul mate happily ever after because we would be the perfect match.

    Just as the young lady that painted and Colton, I had this similar experience. I will say that I have continually been shown things vision wise as it has gone on. I have had family that has passed to remind me of this particular message and that it is all going to be ok. Many people just as those who didn’t believe Colton or maybe the young lady don’t believe me thus I don’t discuss this much to anyone. As I have heard Colton’s story and as I have studied upon the young lady who paints who heard her message at four, I had this question. “Why me?” These two were children…..not yet of accountability age thus that would only go to figure.  Me on the other hand, well I was at age of accountability so the ultimate question continued to come after hearing their stories. I prayed about it for I knew unlike them I was not a child. I would then go to find that answer in the book of Romans chapter eight. As I read the scripture it all makes sense. For it states:

             28- And we know that for those who love God all things will work together for the good, for those who are called according to his purpose

It was then I realized the connection. The young lady had been called by God to use her talents by painting the visions of which she received to put the message of God on canvas. Colton was a minister’s son who had heard the word of God since the day he was born. Now you ask, how I connect with this whole story. When I was born I was not supposed to live past the age of two but just like Colton I had been in church from day one hearing about the love of Jesus. After having been very sick, I was prayed over by one of the dear ladies of the church that I would never have pneumonia again. Before I go any further she said pneumonia which I know I had walking pneumonia here recently- two different things. Anyway, once she had prayed for me she also did I guess what some would say is a slight prophecy over my life. She told my parents and the congregation that I was one of God’s special children as I was a miracle and that my life would be used nothing more than to do his work and will. It was fourteen years later – after that prophecy had been given- that this happened. So the question of why me…why was I placed in this category because I was older. It fits right in verse 28 of Romans eight. For those who love God….

The other answer to the question of why me comes when you hear the Father respond, “Why my son?” It is then you know you are in midst of where God wants you and headed in the direction He wants you in. So in closing, when you start asking “Why me?” Listen closely for you will more than likely hear the response of “Why my son?” and it is then you truly are humbled to your knees.

God willing and until tomorrow-

God bless and keep you-



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